TW: transmisogyny, transmisogyny at the hands of managers/bosses/authority figures


Dylan, a young woman working at Pagliacci’s Pizza was wrongfully fired this week. She writes her account of the events that led to her unemployment in a facebook status, which she allowed me to post here:

It pains me to hear about the situation with Dylan. As the owner of Pagliacci, I take a great deal of pride in our diverse, eclectic crew.

I have attempted to reach out to Dylan four times but with no success. More than anything, I would like to talk to Dylan and personally apologize. 

I am deeply disappointed that Dylan felt abandoned by Pagliacci. 

In addition to apologizing to Dylan, I will certainly offer her a position back with Pagliacci.

Also, I intend to conduct sensitivity training for all Pagliacci managers as well as the Broadway crew.

Although difficult to read, I do appreciate the feedback. I hope that the Pagliacci community will learn and grow from what has happened.

Matt Galvin
Pagliacci Pizza

Update 7/14/14 at 3 pm: We are in the process of setting up training classes on trans issues for all Pagliacci Pizza employees.

Update 7/15/14 at 2 pm: After a phone conversation between Dylan and Matt, Dylan told Seattle Met Magazine that she feels Matt “heard and is responding to her core concerns.” Dylan posted her response on our Facebook page. Additionally, Elayne Wylie of Gender Justice League and former Pagliacci Pizza employee will begin conducting Trans 101 training classes for our staff.